The blessing month of Ramadan is knocking on the doors, so the non-profit organization Misr El Kheir returns back on the roads on Egypt’s billboard with a new OOH advertising campaign to feed fasting families and the needy in Ramadan 2021.  

The OOH has made its presence as usual throughout the month of Shabaan on billboards of Egypt to launch the “Iftar Saem” Campaign, under the motto of “All the good in the holy month of good”, which is the Arabic localization of "كل الخير في شهر الخير", featuring the two comedian actors Bayomy Fouad and Mohamed Abdul Rahman.  

The campaign aims people to donate their zakat to Misr El Kheir in order to help deliver Ramadan boxes to the fasting families all over Egypt which is shown on the billboard

 "شارك بزكاتك في حملة إفطار صائم علشان نفطر ملايين في كل حتة في مصر “. In addition, for the first time, Misr El Kheir offers the Iftar card with a value of 150 EGP that can be used to purchase all necessary food supplies from any store with Fawry or the catering office.

Learn about Misr El Kheir’s campaign budget, media plan, OOH kinds, and more. Just contact Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai

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