RayaShop promotes their recent online offer through the billboards of main roads of Cairo on a cross-promotion outdoor advertising campaign with iPhone to advertise iPhone12 pro, with 18 months easy payment installment.

RayaShop.com announced that they have the easiest installments payment plan, which is suitable for different Egyptian averages, as encouraging to purchase because “iPhone has never been cheaper”, “Apply for instalments online while you are at home”. The offers represent a new concept for installment which will suit different individuals’ income rates,

 All the billboard visuals display iPhone12 Pro, highlighting it as one of their main offers which come with different colors choices, which fits different consumer tastes.

As known RayaShop.com website not only offers “Mobile & tablets”, but also includes many other offers such as “Large home appliances”, “Small home appliances”, “TVs & receivers”, “Computers & gaming”, “Personal care”, “Health & Beauty”, “Watches & clocks” and “Office products”.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Consumer Electronics | eCommerce

Brand: RayaShop.com

Advertiser: Raya Trade

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Promotional Campaign

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