The well-known brand Zanussi has shown up on the billboards of Cairo with an outdoor campaign after its last OOH campaign, presenting a variety of home appliances with the V-Steam technology.

Following the TV commercial by the lovely couple, Zanussi has made its presence on Cairo’s billboard with OOH campaign, featuring the couple Hanady Mehanna and Ahmed Khaled Saleh, standing next to several of Zanussi’s household appliances with the V-Steam technology, with a slogan "خلي حياتك اسهل" or “Make life easier” in English, all together in the foreground while the background reflecting a modern space of wooden floor and aqua green wall, as a direct indication for the target customers.

Zanussi’s automatic washing machine with the V-Steam with the power of the steam kills 99.9% of bacteria and allergens, as well as the Ultra Care system to guarantee for your clothes to stay in shape, so you do not have to use harmful chemicals or ironing high heat to eliminate bacteria and allergens from your clothes to maintain it clean and healthy for you and your family. On the other hand, it has a fast washing program and time management to be able to control your time. Moreover, it is characterized by an inverter motor that will save electricity and water.

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