The new shopping and retail store dedicated for all mothers' stuff, Mom Store, founded by the renowned Emirati Lals Group, has landed on the billboards of Dubai with an outdoor campaign to make it known for all moms that they can now find all their needs at one place.

The campaign has turned up on the roads with some pretty endearing visuals of mothers and their babies, spreading the word for mothers about "The new place for all your mom things", inviting them to shop at, and announcing that it's now open in City Centre Mirdif, while marking that it'll opening soon in The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Mom Store offers a vast range of products, providing all range of clothing, new babies' essentials, school stuff, toys, and much more inclusive solutions for every mother to take care of herself and her kids. 

The campaign has shown up in the fourth week of March, appearing on a hoarding by Phi Advertising in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and a digital billboard in Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

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Industry: Retail

OOH Size: Digital Billboard | Hoarding

OOH Agency: Phi Advertising

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Dubai | Sheikh Zayed Road | Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road | UAE | United Arab Emirates

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