The eminent real estate developer, SVC, has made it to the billboards of Cairo with an outdoor advertising campaign to celebrate the existence of its renowned destination Smart Village for 20 years, leading the developments of co-working spaces as "Egypt's first business park".

The OOH campaign has shown up to announce that "SV turns twenty", bringing up some catchy visuals and epitomes that creatively portray the success of Smart Village over 20 years. It conveys its prosperous achievements with the words "A target with 20 sections is called a dartboard. A business park with 20 years of winning strikes is called Smart Village", its sharp observation of what the future is bringing with the line "A score of 20 is called perfect eyesight. A business park with 20 years of pioneering vision is called Smart Village", and its solid experience in the industry with the words "A topic reference with 20 volumes is called encyclopedia. A business park with 20 years of business knowledge is called Smart Village". And more exemplifications illustrated to represent the massive success of Smart Village in a span of 20 years.

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The Art & Science of OOH

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