The well-known bank formerly named Misr Iran Development Bank has turned up with an outdoor advertising campaign in the streets of Cairo to bring up its brand new identity with the name MID Bank.

Showing up with the new color palette of green that usually conveys growth, white that represents new beginnings and ideas, and a bit of black that can reflect advancement, MID Bank is making a fresh presence with firm promise of "Empowering Your future". The new slogan is expressing the bank's new plans to significantly contribute to the Egyptian banking sector, aiming to strongly align with the CBE's vision of developing more digital banking solutions and financial inclusion. MID Bank also enhanced its infrastructure with new technologies adopted for its strategy, planning to expand with several branches across different governorates in Egypt. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Banking

Brand: MID Bank

Advertiser: MID Bank

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Rebranding Campaign

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