The leading brand in designing luxury fragrances inspired by Arabic roots, Taif Al Emarat, has landed on the roads of UAE with an outdoor campaign to give a glimpse of some of its finest perfumes, The Cesar T03, and the V01 Commandos.

With the iconic Arabic aroma, genuinely created from natural and rare oils, oud scents, and amber, Taif Al Emarat is renowned for smells that resemble the rich Arabic culture. The campaign is showcasing The Cesar T03 from Al Taif Collection, born out of bracing pine and amber, with fresh heart notes of white rose and base notes of vanilla. Meanwhile, it displays the V01 Commandos from the Violet Collection, which is made out of the strong Oud and Saffron blend, with heart notes of patchouli and base notes of pink peppercorn.

The campaign was seen in the second week of March, appearing on megacoms in Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street in Ajman and Wasit Street in Sharjah, as well as a rooftop billboard in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in Sharjah.

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