The special annual event organized by Sharjah Institute for Heritage and Sharjah Department of Culture, Sharjah Heritage Days, has been declared on all over the city's billboards to reveal this year's dates, taking place starting from 20th of March until the 10th of April.

With some quiet artistic visuals representing the Emirati and Arabic culture, the OOH campaign has turned up to make it known that "Cultural heritage brings us together". In a splendid manifestation of UAE's opulent history and rich heritage, Sharjah Heritage Days event comes to live to empower locals and foreigners to experience a unique acquaintance with the country's history. It's featuring multiples of cultural activities, with recreations of The Emirate's traditional cuisines, clothing and its evolution throughout the years, ornamentals, along with warm vibes accompanied by Arabic music and aroma.

The campaign has shown up in the third week of March, appearing on a hoarding by Next Sign Media in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, bridge billboards by Next Media and i-Media across Dimashq Street, Sheikh Khalifa Street, Al Ittihad Street, and Wasit Street, in addition to lampposts across Al Taawun Street, Corniche Road, and Al Sharq Street in Sharjah.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Events & Exhibitions

Brand: Sharjah Heritage Days

Advertiser: Sharjah Institute for Heritage

OOH Size: Bridge Billboard | Hoarding | Lamppost

OOH Agency: i-Media Advertising | Next Sign Media

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Al Ittihad Street | Al Sharq Street | Al Taawun Street | Awareness Campaign | Corniche Road | Sharjah | Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road | UAE | United Arab Emirates | Wasit Street | Dimashq Street | Sheikh Khalifa Street

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