Cinnabon launches a special OOH campaign to advertise their new Ramadan Bites platter, an Oriental customization of their iconic bite-size rolls to sweeten our meals during the Holy month.
Following their spring fruity flavor, Cinnabon has now shifted gears to Oriental traditional flavors, customizing their bite flavors to match the spirit of celebration during the Holy month. The ads showcase the photo of the new platter, a mix of small cinnamon rolls with kunafa, basbousa, and honey pistachio toppings, over an oriental mantelpiece and surrounded by very typical ingredients like almonds, honey, and raisins. The ad copy reads “From Ramadan to Eid, Cinnabon gathers us”, and we can see how two quick hands grab the bites.
The brand, which was founded in Seattle (USA) back in 1985, has been a success since its arrival in Egypt last 2003, even becoming one of the top sellers of the brand worldwide. Among the many successful varieties of their aromatic cinnamon rolls and specialty drinks, this special Ramadan platter will be part of the desserts of many Egyptians families at Iftar.
Large and X-Large uni-poles can be spotted in selected locations across the Greater Cairo.

Cinnabon sweetens Ramadan with special Bites Plate-00
Cinnabon sweetens Ramadan with special Bites Plate-00

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