The monthly insights report issued by INSITE OOH has arrived to reveal good signs for advertisers and OOH agencies across the country, giving an optimistic attestation that this year's kick off is definitely going to differ than the substandard previous one. Since January's Market Insights, the Market occupancy is getting higher, more campaigns are on the roads, and the competition is getting tougher.  

February's market occupancy has marked a fifty-fifty share, with the occupied share moving up with one percent more than last month. And regarding the number of campaigns, this month indicates an increase of 11 more campaigns on the billboards to record 186 total campaigns, with 80 new campaigns showing up. When it comes to brands who're dominating the billboards with the biggest share, unsurprisingly, the real estate industry is still on top, increasing its share with 6% more than Jan to reach 36%. It’s followed by the leading telecommunication brands as well, but keeping their share steady at 13% just as last month, the same applies to FMCG with 10% for both months. But this month, the healthcare and automotive industries have stepped up to rank in the 4th and 5th spots with 6% and 5% share of billboards.

You can discover more details about these stats by contacting Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), our partnering OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai. It keeps a track of the action happening on billboards regarding advertisers, campaigns' budgets, media plans, OOH kinds, and more. And don’t forget to explore the top 20 campaigns who dominated Cairo's billboards this month through

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