The preeminent Egyptian telecom operator, WE, has launched another outdoor advertising campaign in the streets of Cairo to introduce the "Biggest charge" featuring the pop bands El Sawareekh, Double ZUKSH, and Shehta Karika, showing on the billboards after a few weeks since its last OOH campaign.

Following its TV commercial with the pop singers to bring their famous hit as a jingle for the "Biggest charge", WE has turned up on the billboards to announce the new plan where you can acclimate your bundle "As you like". The bundle grants you units and gives you the freedom to chop it up according to your preferred usage, either for calls, streaming, or social media.

Learn about this campaign's budget, media plan, OOH kinds, and more. Just contact Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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