The preeminent real estate management company by Dubai Holding, Dubai Asset Management, has turned up on the billboards with an outdoor campaign to bring up the competitive chance of moving to your new place at the primely located destinations Ghoroob Mirdif and Al Khail Gate.

The campaign has turned up with visuals showcasing the felicitous atmosphere of living amid the greeneries at Ghoroob Mirdif and Al Khail Gate, making it known that you can now "Rent your home starting from AED 44,000" at Ghoroob, while "Starting from 25,000" at Al Khail Gate. Both projects offer different types of units, ranging from studios to spacious apartments of 1 to 3 bedrooms, complementing your lifestyle with fully-fledged amenities of retail shops, sports areas, green landscapes, and more. Ghoroob is advantageously located nearby Mirdif City Centre and Dubai International Airport, and Al Khail Gate is located in central Dubai.

The campaign was seen in the last week of February, landing on uni-poles by Arabian Outdoor and Trinet Outdoor across Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Al Khail Street, as well as lampposts in Rebat Street, Dubai.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Ghoroob Mirdif | Al Khail Gate

Advertiser: Dubai Asset Management

OOH Size: Lamppost | Uni-Pole

OOH Agency: Trinet Outdoor Advertising | Arabian Outdoor

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Al Khail Road | Dubai | Promotional Campaign | Rebat Street | Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road | UAE | United Arab Emirates

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