Mall of Egypt launches a new OOH campaign to promote their night festivities in Ramadan.
Following the style of their Easter campaign, the abstract artwork includes the main ad copy Ramadan Kareem in white color with a large bold font. The message of the campaign is clear “Mall of Egypt nights: Endless festivities with live star singers”. According to their Facebook page, the festivities include many superstar singers’ performance, such as like Hisham Abbass, Bahaa Sultan, Joe Ashkar, and Nicole Saba, as well as DJs and live playing of saxophone and violin.
Owned and managed by Majid Al Futtaim, the mall includes varied entertainment venues, and specially the iconic Ski Egypt.
There is creativity in the golden crescent balloon lightened up for its connectivity to one of the lanterns. Also, Ramadan associated cloth Al Khayameya, similar in its red color and pattern to the logo of Mall of Egypt, and is folded in an organized manner at the tip of Ramadan cannon. In a white inverted triangle, similar to Ramadan’s decorations, we find the logo of Mall of Egypt.
The billboards are placed on the way leading to the mall such as on 26th October Bridge and at the entrance of 6th October City. There are gates billboards coming in large and extra large uni-poles and megas.

June’s night festivities at Mall of Egypt-00
June’s night festivities at Mall of Egypt-00

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