The prominent Emirates Islamic bank has landed on the billboards of Dubai with an outdoor advertising campaign, bringing another opportunity of winning big prizes when depositing in its Kunooz Savings Account, showing up a few months after the latest OOH promotion for Kunooz Account.

With an interesting visual capturing a married couple in their new home with a bag full of cash, the OOH campaign has turned up to announce that you can now "Win 3 apartments & AED 1 million with Kunooz Savings Account", inviting the audience with the simple call-to-action to send "SMS 'WIN' to 4451". The offer is delivering you the chance to win more when you save more, giving you a chance to enter a draw to win the million and 3 apartments with every AED 5,000 saved, and moreover, a chance to enter another draw for a biweekly AED 50,000 cash with every AED 1000 saved.

The campaign has shown up in the first week of February over a bridge billboard in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, then expanding in the second week with a hoarding by Media Activation across Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Banking

Brand: Emirates Eslamic

Advertiser: Emirates Islamic

OOH Agency: Media Activation

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Dubai | Promotional Campaign | Shiekh Zayed Road | Shiekh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road | UAE | United Arab Emirates

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