Every month we are monitoring the hypes of the billboards of Cairo to witness its ups and downs, relying on the one factor that never lies, and never fails to help us predict the future of the OOH market; the numbers. January’s Market Insights is the new reflection of how the beginning of the year 2021 is going so far, in comparison to the last few months of the previous year, especially December.

After a noticeable uprising in the market occupancy, and industry occupancy over the past months of 2020 to overcome the hard time of the ongoing pandemic, the market is facing a slight setback, but this time is not a result of COVID-19, instead, it’s the normal kicking off of every year, similar to the decline in the market insights of January 2020, where the occupancy dropped by 4% back then.

The beginning of each year is always the laziest in the market, dropping the occupancy by 2% which is expected to bounce back in February because of the Valentine’s season. It’s also noticeable that the total number of campaigns has declined from 192 campaigns to 175 campaigns in January. On the other hand, the industry occupancy has been affected as well by the fall down, where it can clearly be seen in the real estate industry with a decline of 6%, while the consumer electronics industry has been on cloud 9 this month, popping with 3% higher than last month.

We keep on tracking, monitoring, and analyzing the outdoor landscape every month to unveil its secrets and behind the scenes of these campaigns, following all the brands, advertisers, and innovations happening on the roads of our beloved Greater Cairo. Scout the competition to browse the different the Top 20 Campaigns ranking https://insiteooh.com/article/4146-januarys-top-20-campaigns-put-the-foodservice-industry-on-top-of-the-game

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