Muslim organization Bait Zakat has just released a new outdoor campaign across Greater Cairo to invite zakat donations before the end of the Holy month.
Operating since 2014 under the supervision of Seikh Al Azhar, the organization is dedicated to collect zakat donations, as well as to raise awareness of other charity initiatives. With the slogans “Your zakat, the blessing of your life” and “Do not delay your zakat”, the campaign invites Egyptian Muslims to send their donations to Bait Zakat before Eid Al Fitr.
The ads offer fully detailed information about the many means and payment methods for delivering the zakat, as well as sadaqah and sadaqah gareya. With very simple artwork and clear font types, the design makes sure that the ad copy stands out and delivers the information clearly.
Using Large and X-Large uni-poles, Gates, and Double-decker poles, the campaign can be found across different locations of Greater Cairo.

Bait Zakat calls for donations before Eid-00
Bait Zakat calls for donations before Eid-00

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