Foodservice tycoon El Abd Patisserie has conquered the food & beverages arena with a new product, Chunks Cookies, introduced to the billboards of Cairo on an OOH awareness campaign.

As part of the brand’s multi-channel campaign, Chunks is filling the roads with an appetite stimulating visuals, showing flying chocolate chips and the luring cookies looking as delicious as possible. As for the ad copy, it refers to the brand with “اللي عليها وزيادة” which can be localized into English as “More than enough”. The visuals also introduced Chunks brand identity, including its logo and branded colors to leave a full impression in the audiences’ minds. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages

Brand: El Abd Patisserie

Advertiser: El Abd Foods

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Lanuching Campaign | Product Launch

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