The groundbreaking mobile app founded in 2017, Halan, has landed on the billboards of Cairo with an outdoor advertising campaign to showcase its vast range of solutions with multiple partnerships that are only a click away from your fingertips, featuring the pop singers Wegz and Hassan Shakosh who led Halan's last hit that went beyond viral.    

Announcing different partnerships recently to ease life for its users, Halan has turned up on the billboards with its fresh slogan "Get it through Halan", making it known that if you need to "Install anything from Mashroey"; the funding provider for small businesses, you can definitely "Get it through Halan", notifying that you'll get an EGP 30 cashback to your mobile wallet powered by Raseedy on your first installment. Meanwhile, on a different visual, it's reassuring that if you're "applying for a loan from Tasaheel Microfinance", again, Halan is the answer; offering you financing solutions starting from EGP 5000 and reaching up to EGP 200,000. And finally, with another copy, Halan is bringing the question, "You need anything? Get it through Halan", highlighting its comprehensive solutions that empowers you to "Reach your destination" with the transportation facility, "Place your orders" with the courier services, "Buy with installments", "Apply for a loan", and "Pay your bills" through its inclusive financial services.

Learn about this campaign's budget, media plan, OOH kinds, and more. Just contact Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai.

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