Leading health care manufacturer Pharco Pharmaceuticals launches new OOH campaign to promote a variety of products.
The pharmaceutical giant, a conglomerate of nine companies, has become the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the MENA Region and is well known internationally for its research breakthroughs, especially the treatment of Hepatitis C and related initiatives such as the Tour n’ Cure campaigns.
Following the increase of medical and pharmaceutical campaigns that we have been observing since February, Pharco has joined the outdoor landscape and launched a medium-sized campaign to raise awareness about their comprehensive array of drugs and pharmaceutical products, manufactured by several of the companies of the group under the Pharco brand.
With the slogan “Your health is our mission”, the medicinal products are showcased over plain dark backgrounds, each of them with a different slogan. The varied products address digestive, respiratory and muscular pains, among others.
The campaign uses Double-deckers, Gates and Large and X-Large uni-poles across the Greater Cairo.

Pharco hits the billboards with cures for varied ailments-00
Pharco hits the billboards with cures for varied ailments-00

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