Following its first campaign on Cairo's billboards earlier in May, the financial services provider dedicated to ease the process of getting your new home, Qasatli, has turned up on the roads once again to reassure that whatever you wish for is attainable with Qasatli.

The campaign has come up with some interesting visuals of an astronaut flying in the space, simply and creatively raising the question "Where do you dream to live?" It's conveying the message that Qasatli is delivering you the easiness to acquire the home you're searching for, given the fact that it offers you a list of more than 117 compounds from different developers, with no hustle of documentations, and immediate delivery of your new home.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: Qasatli

Advertiser: Qasatli Real Estate

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Branding Campaign

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