Our monthly screening of the action on Cairo's billboards has come out to conclude that this month's Market Insights shows a stable and steady number of campaigns, with a slight increase of the total number of campaigns than November's Insights, although the market occupancy has declined a little bit since October's insights.

Although the market occupancy has stepped down from 54% in November to score 52% this month, the total number of campaigns has risen up to reveal 192 campaigns in the streets right now, with more advertisers holding up to their running campaigns on the billboards and extending their media plans. Moreover, the occupancy shows that the industries that are leading the market are still gripping to their dominance. The prominent Real Estate industry is increasing its possession to score 34%, while Telecommunication has stepped back with 2% to possess 10%, as well as Automotive that recorded 6% compared to 9% last month. On the other hand, FMCG has jumped up to third place with 8% occupancy this month.  

These data are provided by our media intelligence and monitoring partner, MOOH, dedicated to analyzing every step taking place on the roads to deliver you the facts and numbers needed to stay enlightened with the action on Egypt's billboards. It delivers the top 20 campaigns of each month as well, you can check December's top 20 through this link https://insiteooh.com/article/4064-december-welcomes-new-players-for-the-top-20-campaigns-on-cairos-billboards

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