With the New Year finally arriving, new beginnings, new celebrations, and new offers are getting introduced to the table by the prominent telecommunication brand, Telecom Egypt, with an outdoor advertising campaign for WE, featuring Egypt’s leading underground band, Masar Egbari, singer Carmen Soliman and Trap artist Mohamed Adaweya. 

Celebrating the year 2021 with a wide multi-channel campaign that dominated the silver screen, the different digital media platforms, and most importantly the OOH media landscape to make sure it covers the largest scale of the audience with the media that never sleeps. As for the visuals, it feature the underground band members with shots from their tailored jingle, integrating the ad copy with it to link the whole campaign together by stating “Every year WE”. Moreover, the campaign is revealing that the year “2021 has a gift for every single day, coming with us?”

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