As Ramadan progresses, another teaser OOH campaign has appeared across the city to incite Egyptians to enforce their right for information, as well as to evaluate the way they view their country.
Respected personalities Essad Younis, Ibrahim Eissa, and Essam El-Hadary bring this outdoor campaign to life with the forceful slogan “The citizen’s right to know”. Parallel to their TV varied commercials, where they are joined by comedy actor Ahmad Fahmy double-playing opposing roles, the ad copy reads “Supporter or opponent, you will never see the full picture without information”. The ads show the characters looking at their reflection in the mirror, as if they were a different person. The enthusiast advocate who believes anything s/he is told against the pessimistic whiner who challenges everything.
This edification campaign, launched jointly by several government bodies, aims at inciting Egyptians to pursue information about the developments of their country, and not jump to quick conclusions with the daily bits of random information from unreliable sources.
Megas, Special Set-ups, Double-deckers, Gates, and Double-decker Gates can be spotted across the Greater Cairo.

Citizens’ right to know-00
Citizens’ right to know-00

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