The leading TV channel, MBC Masr, has returned to Cairo's billboards with an outdoor advertising campaign after a while of absence since its last OOH appearance, bringing up its popular exclusive shows, and announcing new anticipated series to be streamed soon.

Celebrating the New Year, MBC Masr has shown up with the words "We see hope everywhere" to convey their ultimate inspirational role towards the audience. It's featuring some of its renowned talk shows and their timings as "الحكاية" with Amr Adib, "يحدث فى مصر" with Sherif Amer, "اللعيب" with Moheeb Abdelhady, and the new "ليلة الخميس" with Yasmine Ezz. Meanwhile, it's introducing the screening time of the new fourth season of "مسرح مصر" led by Ashrab Abdel Baky, the TV series "ليه لأ" starring Amina Khalil to be streamed soon on 7th of Feb, and "اسود فاتح" by Haifa Wehbe on 28th of Feb, as well as the humorous show "أسعد الله مساءكم" starting from 27th of Feb.

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