Welcome to Arabia, Saudi Arabia, the land of generosity, welfare and authenticity is announcing its arrival on the billboards of its sister country and our beloved land, the United Arab Emirates, promoting its touristic destinations on an outdoor advertising campaign that will make book your next flight to the KSA.

The wintertime is the most perfect season to discover the Saudi desert, home to the largest desert on earth, the land of the purest Arabian horses, and the perfect place for coffee lovers. The visuals are containing the dynamic spirit of Saudi Arabia with a remarkable die-cut, displaying a different snapshot of your upcoming journey in Saudi, enjoying the sea and sightseeing of the George C. shipwreck, experience the edginess of the desert at Maraya AlUla, in addition to visiting historical places such as At-Turaif, Al-Dir'iyah, UNESCO Heritage Site. As for the ad copy, it welcomes you to “A journey you have never imagined” which we believe so.

The campaign popped in the second week of January on a hoarding by Trinet Outdoor Advertising in Sheikh Zayed Road, while the digital screen was spotted in the Financial Center Street and Hessa Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Hospitality & Tourism

Brand: Visit Saudi

Advertiser: Saudi Tourism Authority

OOH Size: Digital Billboard | Hoarding

OOH Agency: Trinet Outdoor Advertising

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Dubai | Financial Center Street | Hessa Street | Sheikh Zayed Road | Special Production | UAE | United Arab Emirates | Die-Cuts

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