The proudly run by women for women company, Max Fashion has hit the billboards of the United Arab Emirates to release a promotional outdoor advertising campaign to announce their first sales mania in 2021.

The City Centre Ajman’s and the Tunisia Court in Ibn Battuta Mall branches are revealing the good news on the roads of The Emirates, displaying it on one of Max’s branded colors, the attractive red, while the flaunting ad copy exposes that you can enjoy “25% to 70% off”, while the word “Sale” is taking the largest proportion of the visuals to attract the passersby, in addition, to act as a straightforward call-to-action.

The campaign was seen in the fourth week of December, installed on lampposts in Khozam Street and Ittihad Street at Ras Al Khaimah, and Corniche Road in Ajman, then expanded on the billboards during the first week of January on digital out-of-home locations in Al Ittihad Street, Sharjah and a uni-pole in Al Ittihad Street, Ajman, and a mega-com in Ibn Battuta Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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