The renowned LG has climbed up the billboards of Cairo with an outdoor advertising campaign to introduce its new LG Vivace washing machine, appearing on the roads after its latest campaign for the Black Friday offerings.

LG has emerged this time with a quite different approach with its visuals, bringing animated comical illustration to humorously convey its new Vivace's superior performance. It's visualizing the washing machine as a superhero with a red cape to announce that it's "A washing machine with superpowers", reassuring people to "Say goodbye to the monstrous washing experience" with the features of "Tempered glass", "Steam+" option, and the smart "AI DD" technology that detects the weight and softness of fabric to create the best motion for your laundry.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Brand: LG

Advertiser: LG Egypt

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Product Launch | Vivace Washing Machine

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