Egypt’s favorite football sporting club, Al Ahly SC has been seen on the billboards of Cairo with an OOH campaign launched by its official sponsor, SAIB Bank, to glorify, crown, and celebrate the history of the famous entity, following the bank’s last appearance on Cairo’s roads.

Letting the red dominate the visuals as the branded-color of the sporting club, SAIB is showing shots of the TV ad of the multi-channel campaign, highlighting the army behind Al Ahly, its fans, supporters, and ultras. The fans seem to have huge power, cheering for their favorite club. The ad copy emotionally states “دايمًا معاك  ... دايمًا الأهلي”, which translates to “Always with you ... Always Al Ahly”. Other visuals have a remarkable die-cut to highlight the team’s flying eagle in a powerful scene positioned over one of the most trafficked roads in Cairo.

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