The based on an integrated healthcare model, Fakeeh University Hospital, has been seen on the billboards of Dubai with an OOH branding campaign to prove its healthcare quality, coming from Saudi Arabia all along to the United Arab Emirates.

The branding campaign is showing off a real shot of the huge establishment of FUH, displayed on a white background to convey clarity and quality. On the other hand, the ad copy is integrating the message to ensure the patients that the hospital is following the highest standards of healthcare, by stating “Raising the bar”, in addition to adding a call-to-action of the number to call through, the website URL for more information, and its location at Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The campaign surfaced in the fourth week of December, installed on uni-poles by Site Global in Oud Metha Road, Bur Dubai, and hoardings in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and some lampposts in Rebat Street and Tripoli Street, while the bridge billboards by ENG were seen in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and hoardings by MPN in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, United Arab Emirates.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Healthcare

Brand: Fakeeh University Hospital

Advertiser: Fakeeh University Hospital

OOH Size: Hoarding | Lamppost | Uni-Pole

OOH Agency: Site Global | Emirates Neon Group | Multi Platform Network

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Bur Dubai | Dubai | Rebat Street | Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road | Tripoli Street | UAE | Oud Metha | United Emirates | Dubai Silicon Oasis

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