The leading Al Mansour Automotive has returned to the billboards of Cairo with an outdoor campaign for Peugeot to uncover what it has been hyping up the audience for in the past few weeks, turning on the spotlights for its new 2008 SUV after its previous OOH teaser campaign.  

After stating that "The future in the making" with the last campaign, Peugeot has turned up finally to announce that it's "Unboring the future" while revealing the new 2008 SUV. The campaign is showcasing the sharp and vigorous exterior design of the vehicle distinguished with its edgy front and back ends, to display the 2008 with its outstanding bronze color from every dimension with its super aesthetic look, giving no more details except the hotline for you to discover deeply more about its powerful performance and comfy features; mentioning its recommended partnering oil Mobil 1 as usual.

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