The international fast-food chain, Burger King, has been popping again on the billboards of Dubai to promote its “King Value Meal” with its luring price on an outdoor advertising campaign, few weeks after its last outdoor yummy glam. 

The tempting offer is displayed on the most appetite-stimulating color palette of the red and yellow colors, where the offered sandwiches of “King Chicken Tasty” and “Cheese Burger” are posing like models, encouraging you to apply your own “Mix and Match”. The ad copy also announces that the “King Value Meal” is available at “AED 12”, including two sandwiches of your choice, a French fries, and a Coca-Cola. 

The campaign surfaced on the billboards of Dubai during the fourth week of December, appearing with a uni-pole in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, while the lampposts popped in the in Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail Street, and Hessa Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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