Despite the hardships the OOH industry in Egypt has faced at the kickoff of this year, things have positively turned around through the calendar moving to the third quarter, with impressive campaigns popping up back in the streets. But delightedly, and unexpectedly we can say, 2020 has delivered us a happy ending to prove more that the OOH game in Cairo is always on top, with an extraordinary booming campaign that has risen up by the promising developers OAD Development and Médina for their new project NAMMA, landing on an enormous 32-locations media plan, managed and distributed by the prominent OOH player Three Angles agency. Today, we met Three Angle's CEO Mohamed El Shenawy to give us a deeper glimpse into one of the biggest campaigns this year!     

About Three Angles and its vision

Three Angles has stepped into the OOH market in 2015, seeing great potential in the landscape of 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed City that they can grasp an opportunity to meet the needs of vast outdoor advertisers who're marking this landscape. Today, they cover mostly all of the west areas, meanwhile, they also have a few locations in other areas as well. And recently, Three Angles started to extend its media plans to add smaller media types like light-boxes and lampposts as more advertisers are getting interested in outdoor ads but might have a quite narrow budget, "Basically, we're stretching our forces to meet the OOH new-comers as well. It's a forever growing market that we as agencies have to refashion every now and then to suffice the advertiser's needs", Mohamed El Shenawy stated.

OAD Developments, Médina, and their promising project NAMMA

Omar Abdallah Developments (OAD) and Médina Developers are both uprising brand names with already established and recognized projects in West Cairo. OAD already has its project Centrada Mall in 6th of October, while Médina is the owner of The Isle project, which is commercial as well. El Shenawy told us: "Actually the two have quite solid experience in commercial projects specifically, giving them a superiority when joining forces to land such a unique commercial and administrative project as Namma; it's truly promising". 

But what makes NAMMA really unique, is the first-time ever investment concept of "Lease to lease" to take place in Egypt. They came up with the idea to target the segment of investors at this phase today instead of the end buyers. In fact, the campaign is targeting people who're looking for an impressive investment opportunity, not a place to own. Simply Investors will act as partners of the project who lease units that'll be leased to end buyers. It's offering a massive 30% annual return, with a cashback for the full amount paid by the end of the contract, it's indeed a great investment opportunity.

The huge media plan with enormous serials on 26th of July Corridor

"As the project is located in the west, we got wild with the distribution in an uncommon fashion. Opposing what's usual for most advertisers, we decided to put all our eggs in one basket! We invaded the 26th of July Corridor with our campaign", described El Shenawy. Obviously, they didn't want to miss the traffic on the 6th of October Bridge so they installed a double-decker location over it. But then they made sure to cover the whole July Corridor starting from Zamalek, and moving all the way long with extended and comprehensive serials of gates, mega-signs, and varied media types back and forth through the road until Sheikh Zayed. "The magic of repetition never fails to keep your brand memorized; intense frequency of exposure was our key for this campaign", El Shenawy affirmed.

The strategy behind this unique media plan

Actually, one of the main strategies behind the distribution was to guarantee that every single copy was viewed. Different messages for the campaign needed to be delivered, all of them to be shown together as it's a brand new project. "It was a multi-objective campaign, we're introducing the project for the first time, branding it, and promoting it, all at once. So we were keen that passersby won't miss any of the copies", El Shenawy explained. The campaign has copies that highlight the project's logo and tagline singularly to help it stick in minds, others that introduce the new investment concept with a bit of explanation and value in return, and others that point out the luxurious lifestyle planned with the types of units that'll be available. So simply, the purpose is not to miss a single one by any chance. 

The firm reliance between developers and OOH advertising.

Working as sales manager for TMG group has given Mohamed El Shenawy an advantageous perspective when he decided to shift to the OOH game. "I already acknowledged that definitely real estate developers are the most users of outdoor ads, and they actually represent the majority of our clients now, and the majority of OOH advertisers overall", he stated. This gave Three Angles an edge to precisely realize what developers are looking for and targeting when they decide to launch an OOH campaign. The agency successfully managed campaigns with numerous big and well-known developers. El Shenawy said: "After all, I believe real estate developers will keep dominating the OOH scene with the same pace, if not more. They always seek OOH media, and the feedback they get is always great too. OOH never fails their ROMI numbers and sales, and that's the exact case with NAMMA project right now".

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Nammaa

Advertiser: Medina Developers | OAD Developments

OOH Agency: Three Angles

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: 6th of October City | Awareness Campaign | Branding Campaign | Mohamed El-Shenawy | Promotional Campaign | Sheikh Zayed City

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