French multinational retailer of cosmetics and personal care products, Sephora, is boosting the kids, young ladies, and women of the UAE’s confidence with an emotional outdoor advertising campaign.

The multi-channel campaign is sending all the females around the globe a sincere, from the heart to the heart message, breaking all the beauty and age taboos out there, of how we should look, how our bodies, faces, skin color, and hair should be, in a campaign that teaches us to love ourselves more, accept our flaws and celebrate our differences.

The ad copy emphasizes the message with “Beauty if confidence”, “Confidence is strength” and “Beauty is for all”. While other visuals show some products of the empowering collection, stating “Shop now at Dubai Mall, ground floor”, adding “A limited-edition collection”, revealing its name with “The unlimited power of beauty”.

The campaign popped on the roads during the second week of December, using digital billboards in Al Mustaqbal St., Sheikh Muhammed bin Rashid Boulevard, then expanded in the fourth week to get displayed in Al Safa St., City Walk by Meraas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Cosmetics & Personal Care

Brand: Sephora

Advertiser: Sephora

OOH Size: Digital Billboard

OOH Agency: Meraas | Hypermedia

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Al Mustaqbal Street | Al Safa Street | Branding Campaign | City Walk | Dubai | UAE | United Arab Emirates | Muhammed bin Rashid Boulevard

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