Following its last outdoor appearance in September, creative audio streaming subscription service, Spotify, has landed on the billboards of Cairo to repeat its successful pattern of summing up the music that went viral in 2020, similar to what they did in 2019. 

The creative brand holds on to its innovative and humourous campaign’s style, to sum up this rough year, using the same design template and the same style of the sarcastic ad copies. The ad copies announce that “لينا رقصة” which can be localized to “We shall have a dance” by Karmen Soliman “Has been heard over 593k times in 2020”, “ while “XLANCE by Shahyn, Basyouni, and L5vav” was heard “Over 285k times in 2020”, moreover, Dua Lipa’s song “Don’t start now was heard over 1.11 milliard, adding “Watermelon sugar” by Harry Styles got listened “More than 632k times in 2020”. 

In addition to highlighting that Nancy Ajram got streamed “More than 35.9 times in 2020”, adding that Blackpink’s “How you like that” song “Was played more than 263 times in 2020”. Turning the gear a bit to focus on the Egyptian artists, rappers, and underground celebrities, Spotify mentioned that “Wegz is the most listened to artist in Egypt during 2020”, while Sahran’s album is “The most listened album in 2020” and “Rap Egypt got ranked as the most listened to playlist in Egypt in 2020”, not a surprise that B 100 Wesh’s theme song “Millionaire” was played “Over 1.3k times in 2020”.  

If you are interested to know more about its outdoor budget, OOH types, sizes, districts, and more, please visit Egypt’s and The Emirates’ dedicated OOH media intelligence company, MOOH.

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