The beloved patisserie brand Monginis has launched an outdoor advertising campaign in Cairo's roads to celebrate the New Year after bringing a cheerful jingle on a TV commercial, appearing on the billboards after its previous OOH campaign.

As what we're used to with Monginis, the outdoor campaign has made it to the streets with vividly colorful and catchy visuals, illustrating festive vibes with decorations for 2021 while displaying some of its special delicious sweets and cakes. It's coming up with the slogan and hashtag #الحلو اللى بينا that translates to "The sweet moments between us", referring to the lovely jingle that embraces the vibes of companionship and friendliness to knock the next year's door with.   

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Foodservice

Brand: Monginis

Advertiser: Monginis

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Branding Campaign | Multi-Channel Campaign

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