Parallel to its latest OOH glam in December, Samsung continues to hit the billboards of Dubai, this time releasing an OOH ad in a limited media plan to reinforce its remarkable device, Samsung Note20 Ultra, after spreading the word for it for the first time on an OOH campaign in August.

Samsung is reinforcing the idea that its Note20 Ultra is anything but your regular smartphone, it is a multitasking computer suit at the palm of your hands with an ultimate gaming experience and a powerful yet elegant design. The visual reflects the breathtaking mystic bronze color to introduce the power to work and play at the same time, showing off with the slim design of the device on the billboards of Dubai.

The OOH advertisement was seen in the first week of December, on a uni-pole by Media 24/7 – Fam Properties in Safa Street, City Walk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Art & Science of OOH

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