After proving they are standing behind every great work out there, the multinational-direct broadcast satillitte in the Middle East, Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) has been seen on the roads of Dubai with a branding outdoor advertising campaign to promote its mobile app. 

OSN’s media appearances are all based on using entertainment marketing to deliver its message with ease and clearness, spicing things up with call-to-actions every now and then to encourage their potential and current clients to take a step forward.

This time, OSN is only focusing on its potential mobile app consumers with an ad copy that states “Download the app & start your free trial”. As for the visuals, it exclusively screens the latest movie Mulan that was in Cinemas this September, announcing that you can “See it first only on OSN”, while the bottom side declares that the app is available for both android and ios users.

The campaign was out there during the fourth week of November, installing hoardings in Sheikh Zayed Road by MPN Outdoor, and digital out of home screens (DOOH) in Hessa Street, Financial Center Road, and Dubai Marina, including some by Group Plus, while the lampposts were spotted in Jumeirah Beach Road. Moreover, rooftop billboards were seen on the road during the first week of December in Sheikh Zayed Road, near Dubai Water Canel, United Arab Emirates.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Media & Broadcasting | Mobile Apps

Brand: OSN

Advertiser: Gulf DTH FZ LLC

OOH Size: Billboard | Hoarding | Lamppost | Rooftop billboard | Digital Billboard

OOH Agency: Multi Platform Network | JCDecaux | Group Plus

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Branding Campaign | Dubai Marina | Financial Center Road | Hessa Street | Jumeirah Beach Road | Sheikh Zayed Road | Dubai Water Canel | Mulan

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