In a world where technology is the 21st centuries oil, the traditional outdoor trading is no longer efficient, the hundreds of phone calls and many follow-ups to get the media plan you are planning is becoming a heavyweight to carry in a market that is filled with business sharks everywhere, each one of them is longing for a more comfortable, data-oriented and organized way of OOH trading, this is why we are announcing that the OOH ad-space hunting as you know it is changing because INSITE Marketplace is transforming OOH online.

INSITE Marketplace is bringing the international standards of the digitalization of the outdoor ad spaces trading to the regional market in December 2020, applying modern operational techniques to its business model to introduce a new experience to our local markets with an innovative user experience developed by our technical team, a broad network and VIP connections as a result of our companies’ years of contributions and milestones in the market and a real opportunity of boosting your ROI results in no time.

INSITE Marketplace is the Emirates’ first top-notch marketplace for outdoor ad-spaces trading; the online platform gathers media buyers, providers, planners, and production houses under one roof, choosing Egypt to be its starting point. The pharaohs have always been the first ones to discover, innovate, and develop and now they are growing more in technology to transfer the traditional way of trading OOH to a digitalized process that suits the innovative era of the 21st century.

Shifting the gears into numbers and how INSITE Marketplace is going to participate in increasing these numbers; the past few months have been rough on the OOH market, reflecting a decline since COVID-19 had hit the roads of Cairo hard. The damage started to magnify during the end of the first quarter of the year, with April’s Market Insights for example, with market occupancy of only 44%, on the contrary, the same month in 2019 landed a market occupancy of76% with a gap of 32% decline just in a year!

OOH analysts, experts, and enthusiasts have predicted that the out-of-home market is not going to recover anytime soon, did not they know that the market Gurus are cooking a solution that will bring the future of OOH trading to our fingertips. INSITE Marketplace is expected to get the OOH market back on its normal track with a ratio of 20% to 30% increase in the occupancy rate which will be tracked, monitored, and analyzed in the upcoming Market Insights issues after the grand launching of the first online platform for OOH trading.

We have always been competing in a red ocean market, not to trying to be before anybody but ourselves, and we managed to beat our old traditional way of OOH trading to be the very first game-changers in the region, paving the road for other providers, buyers, planners and production houses to get ahead of their own game, just like what we did. And we would like to officially welcome you to the new era of OOH trading. The future is NOW.

The Art & Science of OOH

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