The OOH market is reaping the benefits of its Market Insights increasing numbers of October, totally reflected on the top 20 campaigns of the same month, showing how much of ongoing brands have kept their brand positioning by climbing the list of the most massive campaigns of the month.

Citroën by Kasrawy Group have climbed up to the 12th spot 7 spots higher than last month, while Sarai, ZED, La Verde Cassette, and TMG Holding have declined by a few seats. On the brighter side, Akam teaser campaign has been ranking 8th in September Top 20 Campaigns, while the campaign reveal got up to the 7th one in October, keeping it on fire as usual. Meanwhile, the very top of the list features Jebal by PRE Developments who has been seen in the top 20 campaigns for several months in a row now.

 All the numbers lovers and enthusiasts, you can check all the industries and market occupancy through October Market Insights

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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