Months over months, you have been tracking with us how the pandemic is affecting the billboards that we all knew and loved, seeing the decline increase every day with a huge number of unoccupied, empty billboards on the roads. Today we are happy that the numbers are finally getting better, a thing we, the voice of the OOH, have been optimistic about for a long period now.

The market occupancy went up by 7% in comparison to September’s Market Insights, while the available billboards of Cairo are inversely proportioned to that’s of the last month, getting down from 53% to 46%. Unexpectedly, all the industries you are familiar with such as real estate, telecommunication, automotive, retail, healthcare, foodservice, and more have surprisingly declined, which is on the contrary with the uprising numbers. The mystery behind those numbers goes back to the huge rising in the public administration industry just before the Egyptian Parliament Election, where many of the potential House of Representatives took to the billboards of Cairo as the main source of their electoral propaganda.

 Standing back to back with our media intelligence partner, MOOH, we are keeping on track, monitor, and analyze the outdoor advertising media every single month to give you the tiniest and biggest details of the market behavior in that certain period, revealing new advertisers, numbers of campaigns and revealing your favorite part; the top 20 campaigns of October

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