The pioneer e-commerce brand, noon, has landed on the billboards of UAE with an extensive outdoor advertising campaign to announce its huge discounts for the Black Friday this year, or more precisely, the "Yellow Friday" by noon. Noon appears on the billboards after nearly two months since its last OOH campaign for introducing noon Daily.

The OOH campaign showed up with noon's catchy yellow brand color, to spread the news about the "Craziest sale of the year" during the period of "23-29 November", delivering "Discounts up to 80%" for multiple products. Different visuals appear displaying random products available at noon, like electronics, fashion wear, kitchen appliances, and more, illustrating the endless variety that you can shop from and enjoy the "Yellow Friday Sale". Additionally, it's declaring that you can grant an "Extra 15% off" if you paid through VISA

The campaign was seen in the last week of October, landing on bridge billboards powered by Site Global, over Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, and Al Ittihad Street in Sharjah, while multiple lampposts powered by Rimal Outdoor were seen in Dubai across Sheikh Zayed Road, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Beach Street, others in Ajman across Al Ittihad Street, Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Street, and Al Zahra Street, and more in Sharjah across Khalid Corniche and Souq al Jubail.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps | E-Commerce

Brand: noon

Advertiser: noon

OOH Size: Bridge Billboard | Lamppost

OOH Agency: Site Global | Rimal Outdoor Agency

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Ajman | Al lttihad street | Black Friday | Dubai | Dubai Marina | Jumeirah Beach Street | King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street | Promotional Campaign | Sharjah | Sheikh Zayed Road | Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Street | UAE | Visa | Al Zahra Street | Souq al Jubail | Khalid Lagoon Corniche

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