Cairo’s billboards have been facing lots of ups and downs lately during the COVID-19 outbreak period and as the voice of the OOH media, we had to report it all, depending on the numbers that never failed us to stay unbiased all the way.

After the 50-50 equal chances of the percentage of occupation on Cairo’s billboards, the market occupancy is getting off the track again with 3% less than its past result in August’s Market Insights with 47% occupied spots. Moreover, the total number of campaigns, new campaigns, and ongoing campaigns are slightly dropping down.

As for the industry occupancy, the real estate industry have backed down by 3% this month, while the same percentage was added to the telecommunication one, leaving the automotive and the FMCG industries in increase as well.

 With major help from our media intelligence partner, MOOH, we will always track, monitor, and analyze the outdoor advertising media monthly to give you a detailed report about how the market has been behaving over the past 30 days, reveling the newly joined brands and advertising, showing off with the faithful ones that have been committed to showing up every now and then and revealing how all this relates to the Top 20 campaigns of September

The Art & Science of OOH

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