The Top 20 Campaigns of September have brightened the billboards of Cairo and it’s time for us at INSITE OOH to announce the brands and advertisers that thrived to invade the streets with the highest number of ad faces during the month, spreading creativity, tailoring marketing plans and spending much money to make sure they stand out in the clutter.

On top of the list comes La Fayette Downtown that managed to score 2nd in Augusts’ Top Campaigns, then tops the whole group this time with 1st place, while Sea View by JEDAR dropped down 5 spots to land 6th this time. On the other hand, the German automotive player, Opel, was spotted last in September with its promotional OOH campaign, after haunting the 9th place back in August with the Grandland campaign.

On a much brighter side, the billboards of Cairo have witnessed newly launched brands in Egypt with gulf roots that helped them mingle faster in the market; please welcome Talabaat and Mrsool for the very first time in the top 20 heroes list, wishing to see them more in the upcoming months. In similarity, AKAM Development has managed to get up with its remarkable teaser campaign, raising questions on the billboards of Cairo for its next move, to be revealed later to be a newly developed sports compound, named Scene7.

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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