As a result of people turning more to the silver screen and VOD services, Emirati TV channel, AD TV, has been seen on the billboards of Dubai to entertain the people of The Emirates, encouraging them to download the app and enjoy its app, brought to you by Abu Dhabi Media.

The entertainment industry has flourished even more than usual during the past COVID-19’s period, where people around the world have been spending much time watching the silver screen to make the time pass, which made more room for the next generation of VOD to enter every home effortlessly.

The visuals list AD TV Abu Dhabi’s featured TV shows, including “In Style With Hala” hosted by Hala Abdullah, ""غني مع فايز by Fayez Al Saeed which translates to “Sing With Fayez”,"هذا أنا" which means “This Is Me” by Nada Alshaibani, Ahmed Amin presenting “أمين وشركاه” translated to “Amine and His Partners”, Abdullah Al-Ghamdi and Fatima Alhindy have joined forces to introduce “زهرة الخليج” which is localized in English to “The Gulf Flower”, and finally “السيرة” or “The Life History” by Wafaa El Kilani. As for the bottom side, it has Google Play and Apple Store icons to prove the app is available for both IOS and android users.

The newly launched campaign was seen in the second week of October, popping on hoardings in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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