Cairo’s roads and billboards are looking much cheerful and joyful than ever with the anticipation of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday in the corner, as a result, El Abd Patisserie has decided to join the festivities with an outdoor campaign to brand its Mawlid sweets.

Back in 2017, El Abd celebrated on the streets of Cairo with an OOH campaign that had the same energetic vibes, this year, the patisserie place is raising the bar higher with culture-deep visuals to bring the spirit of the Mawlid. The visuals exhibits different Egyptian family members of all demographics, holding El Abd sweets in their hands with a background of the folkloric Mawlid celebrations that we all know and love, with shots from the TV ad that features singer Ahmed Kamel who performed a special song for the ad. Regarding the astonishing ad copy featured, it writes the campaign’s main slogan “The sweetness of life”, in addition to many one-liners that connect Al Mawlid sweets directly to our authentic Egyptian culture.

Having so many questions regarding this campaign? Visit Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), Egypt’s, and The Emirates’ dedicated OOH media intelligence company to reveal the campaign’s budget, types, kinds, locations, and more.

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