The leading SC Johnson climbs up the billboards of Cairo with an outdoor advertising campaign to bring up its renowned air freshener Glade, after nearly a year since its last OOH appearance for the brand.

The outdoor campaign arrives with colorful catchy visuals, illustrating the Glade spray bottle on one visual in the middle of lavender roses, sided by the copy "Freshness for air and fabrics" to highlight its usability on soft surfaces. Meanwhile, the other visual is displaying Glade's automatic spray in between jasmine flowers, indicating that the "Fragrance lasts for up to 100 days", along with a quality stamp reassuring that "Fragrance infused with essential oils". After all, regardless of the products' range, both visuals appear with the fact that Glade is the "Most selling air freshener in Egypt".

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Home Care Products

Brand: Glade

Advertiser: SC Johnson & Son Inc

OOH Size: die-cut

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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