The nostalgic game of the 80s, Super Mario, is back again on the billboards of Dubai to be part of the 2000s kids lives as well with its Nintendo inspired interactive lego, where they can build, play, and collect coins with the one and only Super Mario.

When it comes to lego, the limit is the sky, with one of the best edutainment approaches for kids to develop their skills, including their hand-eye coordination. The visuals adapt the colorful, child-attracting colors of the famous Super Mario on the billboards, announcing “It’s Lego Mario time”, displaying some of the Mario Starter Course that consists of 71360 pieces of adventures.

The Starter Course is interactive with screens in his eyes, mouth, and billy to give the kids as a chance to monitor his reactions, a build-in speaker to remind you of the good old days of the Super Mario game’s music and SFX you have known and loved, a Bluetooth to connect him with the app and a motion sensor feature to help him go to the directions needed smoothly to give you the real video game experience, only with lego bricks.

Appearing in Hessa St., and Sheikh Zayed Road, the campaign was spotted in the first week of October in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

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