In the light of digitalizing all our financial transactions, the digital version of the Middle Eastern, specifically Egyptian-originated money circles (Gameyaa) has knocked on the poles of the billboards of Cairo to introduce the very first mobile application to make your life much easier; MoneyFellows.

The concept of money circles (Gameyaa) depends on lending and saving a group of fixed people, over a certain number of months, where each one of them takes a turn to have a collected amount of money from his other money fellows, and the circles go on till the determined number of months passes by. The startup company introduces its services with an ad copy that explains “The money circle is now online”, mentioning that it is “With the right time and amount of money for you”, moreover, it writes the app’s tagline “MoneyFellows”, “The most trusted and convenient money circle” for “More than 0.5M users”.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Financial Services | Mobile Apps

Brand: MoneyFellows

Advertiser: MoneyFellows

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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