The renowned French jewelry and watchmaker, Cartier, showed up in Dubai's streets with a DOOH (Digital Out-of-home) advertisement, turning the spotlights on its Clash de Cartier collection after bringing its latest DOOH ad for Pasha de Cartier.  

The outdoor advertisement emerged to play the collection's commercial released last year, starring the beautiful actress Kaya Scodelario "Mastering the art of duality" with Cartier's collection that uniquely fits your versatile character, represented by the half British, half Brazilian superstar. The jewelry pieces are embellished by studs that are fixed in place, yet smoothly moving; it's designed with everything and its opposite, exemplifying the "Clash of attitudes". The ad is displayed alongside a static Clash de Cartier's logo, split by an illustration of the collection's special piece.

The ad was seen in the first week of October, screening on digital billboards in Financial Street across The Dubai Mall in Dubai.

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