UAE's leading petroleum brand, Emarat, has risen on the billboards with an outdoor advertising campaign to bring its brand refresh campaign "Expect the expected" to the streets, getting ready for its forthcoming anniversary of 40 years of meeting Emiratis expectations on the road.

Dated back to 1981, Emarat was founded by the UAE government to lead the industry. Since then, it has been a pioneer provider of various services to accompany people through their journeys. The OOH campaign is a part of a multi-channel media plan launched to highlight Emarat's consistent qualities throughout the years. With cheerful scenes captured by Waleed Shah and directed by Ali Mostafa, the campaign emerges to keep its promises for the audience to "Expect to smile" with its range of fuel for each and every kind of vehicle, "Expect to shine" with the exceptional car wash services that include sanitization to keep your car safe and clean, and "Expect fresh starts" with your loveable coffee break at Café Arabicca and fresh bakeries at Bakeria for a special road trip. Simply, it's to expect the goodness Emarat has been always keen to offer; it's to "Expect the expected" from Emarat.    

The OOH campaign showed up in the last week of September, landing on uni-poles by Site Global in Al Ittihad Street in Sharjah, and hoardings by MPN across Sheikh Zayed Road, Financial Center Street, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in Dubai.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Oil & Gas

Brand: Emarat

Advertiser: Emarat

OOH Size: Hoarding | Uni-Pole

OOH Agency: Site Global | MPN Outdoor

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Al lttihad street | Anniversary Campaign | Branding Campaign | Financial Center Street | Sheikh Zayed Road | Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road

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